Equestrian lodgings in Wallonia


The list below gives more than fifty lodgings for trail riders, ordered by postal code. You can also find lodgings by clicking on the map below. For more information about the comfort of the lodgings.





The presentations of the lodgings have been drafted carefully from the information that the owners have provided. However, this information is not contractually binding. It is thus indispensable to specify the services that you need and confirm all prices when you make your booking.




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Les Ecuries de Malavisée (08600 Landrichamps; IGN/NGI map 58/7-8; French map 3007 Givet Ouest)

Chez Gertrude (1404 Bronival; IGN/NGI map  39/6)

A contre Temps (1474 Ways; IGN/NGI map 39/8)

Guest House Western City (4050 Chaudfontaine; IGN map 71/3)

Little Creek (4180 Comblain-La-Tour; IGN/NGI map 49/6)

FERME d'en HAUT (4217 - HERON; IGN/NGI map 48/1-2)

't CauterVen (4280 Hannut; IGN/NGI map 41/1)

Moulin de Hoboval (4550 Villers-Le-Temple; IGN/NGI map 48/4)

La Malle Poste (4570 Marchin; IGN/NGI map 48/2)

Hôtel Ulftaler Schenke (4790 BURG-REULAND; IGN/NGI map 56/7-8)

Ecurie du Bois Doré (4837 Baelen; IGN/NGI map 43/5)

Liberty Rando (4920 Remouchamps; IGN/NGI map 49/7)

Cercle équestre de Waimes (4950 Waimes; IGN/NGI map 50/6)

Le Fagotin (4987 Stoumont; IGN/NGI map 49/8)

Le Relais de Charlinette (5140 Boignée; 50°29'50'' N - 4°36'35.5'' E )

Ecurie du Pré Mathy (5170 LESVE (Profondeville); IGN/NGI map 53/3)

Chez Lulu (5340 Sorée; IGN/NGI map 48/5-6)

La Pierre d'Avoine (5360 Hamois; ING map 54/2)

La Maison d’à côté (5372 Mean; IGN/NGI map 54/3-4)

Haras des roches (5563 Hour; IGN/NGI map 59/1)

El Cinse à Bèdots (5630 Cerfontaine; IGN/NGI map 57/3)

Ferme Château de Laneffe (5651 Laneffe; IGN/NGI map 52/8)

Manège Henriet (5660 Dailly; IGN/NGI map 57/7-8)

Willow Springs Way Station (6673 Cherain; IGN/NGI map 60/4)

Centre Européen du Cheval de Mont-le-Soie (6698 Grand-Halleux; IGN/NGI map 56/1)

La Ferme d’a Yaaz (6717 Heinstert; IGN/NGI map 68/3)

Hôtel *** La Crémaillère (6800 Bras-Haut; IGN/NGI map 64/4)

L'Orée du Bois (6821 Florenville; IGN/NGI map 67/7)

Ferme équestre de Martué (6821 Martue; IGN/NGI map 67/7)

Le Relais de la Semois (6830 Frahan; IGN/NGI map 64/5)

Le verger du pierroy (Chambres d'hôtes) (6860 Louftémont; IGN/NGI map 68/2)

B&B Ardennen-gevoel (6900 Waha; IGN/NGI map XX/X)

Chambres d’hôtes (6921 Chanly; IGN/NGI map 59/5-6)

Relais de Bruille (7131 Waudrez; IGN/NGI map 46/5-6)

Relais des cinq Forêts (7332 Sirault; IGN/NGI map 45/2)

Au fil des saisons sur la Wiels (6637 Fauvillers; IGN/NGI map 65/7-8)

Ferme du Hameau (6032 Monceau-sur-Sambre; IGN/NGI map XX/X)

La Pierre d'Avoine (5360 Hamois; IGN/NGI map XX/X)

Ermitage Canadien (5574 Pondröme)

Gîte Bella (6860 Ebly)

Le côté Vert (6680 Amberloup)

Ulenspiegel (4950 Sourbrodt; IGN/NGI map 50/6)

Manège du Chêne au Féau (6543 Bienne-lez-Happart)